Composite Materials and Supplies

Composite Material

Carbon Fabrics :-

We are supplier of carbon fabric to industries related to Aerospace, Sports, Composite and other industries. All fabrics are available with us in their all varieties.  Carbon fiber is used almost everywhere from racing cars to aerospace due to its light weight and high strength. We provide you Carbon Fabrics Plain & Twill which are available in 12K,6K & 3K. It is available in different thickness, width & Gsm. We provide all carbon fabrics in all varieties. We supply Ud Carbon Fibers in all grades with different thickness, width & GSm like 12K,6K & 3K.  Ud carbon fiber can take one side load only. It has good properties. We have T-700 and similar grades also in UD carbon fiber. We provide BD carbon fiber in different grades like 12K,6K & 3K in different thickness, width & GSm .The BD fabric are good for those application in which the load comes from two different direction. BD Carbon Fibers have high  strength ,high modulus, good fatigue resistance & dimensional stability and lower density.

Carbon Fiber Filament :-

We supply carbon fiber filament to industries like Automotive, sport goods and it is used in various composites making. All filaments are available with us in their all varieties.  

Chopped Carbon Fiber :-

Carbon Fiber chopped are available with us in different lengths and diameters. Chopped carbon fiber are suitable for Thermoplastic composite, Concrete strengthening and many other application Generally chopped fibers are used in 3-6mm lengths.

Carbon Fiber Powder :-

We offer Carbon fiber powder to simplify the producing process with reinforce epoxy resin for rapid tooling. Carbon fiber powder can be dispersed in the epoxy matrix uniformly, and the mechanical properties can meet the requirement of epoxy molding.

Carbon Fiber Strips :-

We offer carbon fiber strips for structural strengthening. Our structural engineers are specialise in strengthening concrete structures, strengthening of columns and reinforcement of concrete slabs.

Carbon Fiber Tubes :-

We do manufacturing of carbon fiber tubes according to the requirement of the customer totally customized.  So, you can call us or send inquiry for your requirement.

Carbon Fiber Sheet :-

We do manufacturing of carbon fiber sheet also according to the requirement of the customer totally customized. So, you can call us or send inquiry for your requirement.

Aramid (Kevlar) :-

We supply Kevlar for industries like high-speed boats, aircraft fuselage panels, pressure vessels, sporting equipment, wind turbines and much more. It can be used with epoxy resins to create a rigid laminate.  KEVLAR rigid laminate is lightweight, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, and has great strength properties. KEVLAR® fabrics  are used in various common applications like manufacturing of gloves, bullet proof vests, car linings, etc. 

Silica Fiber :-

Silica fiber is also available with us.

Basalt Fabrics :-

We are the supplier of good quality Basalt Fabrics . All varieties are available with us of this fabric.  These are woven using yarns from the filament basalt so as to make the fabrics non combustible, fire resistant and have high tensile strength. We offer  basalt fiber bd that have high thermal resistance, chemical durability to impacts of water, salts alkalis and acids. Basalt fiber is not affected by corrosion besides this it has high tensile strength, elastic modulus. Materials made on Basalt Fiber basis can be processed with application of different “cold” technologies, such as molding, winding, pultrusion, sputtering, etc. Basalt fiber fabrics are woven from continuous basalt yarn . This fabric can handle hight temperatures also. Different coatings can improve their properties including better flexibiliy, wearability, wave transparencies, water resistance, radiation resistance, thermo-shock resistance, chemical resistance and excellent temperature resistance (both high and low). Basalt fiber belongs to the silicate home and has the same thermal expansion coefficient, which makes it the best alternative to carbon fiber applied in the bridge, construction reinforcement and repair. 


Yarn & Roving :-

We are the supplier of Basalt Fiber Yarn & Roving. Our range is highly wide, owing to its remarkable shock resistance, strength and excellent modulus.

Fiberglass :-

Fiberglass is the foundation of the composites industry and still demanding in various application. It can be used with Epoxy, Polyester resins. It is all-purpose choice among reinforcements for creating composite parts with excellent strength, low weight, and dimensional stability. It is easy to handle and conforms complex shapes in tough conditions.

E-Glass :-

We offer E-Glass that exhibit good mechanical properties, High production rates, High strength, High stiffness, Relatively low density, Non-flammable, Resistant to heat, Good chemical resistance, Relatively insensitive to moisture, Able to maintain strength properties over a wide range of conditions.

S-Glass :-

We offer high strength S-Glass fabrics are ideal reinforced material for aerospace, marine, arms industries thanks to its higher tensile strength and modulus when compared with e-glass fiberglass fabrics. S-Glass fabric compatible with epoxy and vinyl ester resins. The weave patterns available include plain, twill and satin with different thickness.

C-Glass :-

We offer C Glass fiber which are generally only used to reinforce chemical resistant liners and they also used for their chemical stability in corrosive acid environments C-glass are made up of fine, long,induction heated glass fibers held together by a binder. This kind of glass shows better resistance to chemical impact.

Stitch Mat :-

We offer fiberglass stitch mat it is a kind of multi-layer fabric made fiber roving. Each layer is arranged unidirectional. It is used in extrusion process, hand lay-up and resin Transfer molding(RTM) process. The main end products are boat shells, pipes, etc.

Woven Glass Fabric :-

We offer woven glass fabric in various weights/sq.m. Woven fiberglass fabrics offer the widest range and the best control over thickness, weight and strength of all forms of fiberglass textiles. Woven glass fabric has High Tensile Strength, Dimensional Stability, High Heat Resistance, Fire Resistance, Good Thermal Conductivity, Good Chemical Resistance, Outstanding Electrical Properties, Durability, Economical etc.

Core Material :-

Honeycomb, balsa wood, and foam in a variety of densities and formats make up a wide selection from which to build parts with increased flexural strength and modulus. Build higher strength-to-weight ratios for your laminate with lightweight, structural layers of sandwich core.

Core Foam :-

We offer so many varieties of core sandwich material when these material are sandwiched with carbon fiber and other material then they offers excellent mechanical properties and design-versatility. Build higher strength-to-weight ratios for your laminate with lightweight, structural layers of sandwich core.

Balsa Wood :-

We offer balsa wood which is widely used for many applications in the core composites industry, such as ships, railways, automotive, aviation, wind energy, while offering multiple advantages against traditional sandwiches such as foams and more.

Styrofoam Foam :-

Foam is most frequently used as structural core material for composite laminates, delivering added strength, stiffness, and insulation, without adding weight. Generally, it is easy to handle, readily conforms to shapes, and can be bonded in layers to add thickness.

PU Foam :-

We offer polyurethane foam system for general purpose applications such as void filling for construction, marine, moulds etc.   

Vacuum Pump :-

We offers vacuum pumps that suit the requirements of nearly any vacuum bagging application. For best results, match up the bag size for your composite part with suitable vacuum rates and maximum attainable air pressure.

Vacuum Bagging Film :-

We supply vacuum bagging films which are used to seal the whole of the composite laminate it has good temperature resistance, ease of use and low air permeability which are necessary to achieve a good quality laminate and vacuum integrity

Vacuum Infusion Mesh :-

Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach , We offer Vacuum Infusion Net to provide uniform flow of epoxy resin over the surface and fast curing process. Our infusion net is available in numerous sizes so as to meet the demand of customers. 

Perforated Release Film :-

We offer perforated release film in order to ensure that any trapped air, volatiles or excess resin, which may compromise the physical properties of the laminate, can be removed. Release Films are placed directly in contact with the laminate. They separate the laminate from breather/bleeder fabrics, which have no release characteristics.

Breather Fabric :-

We supply breather fabric with optimum characteristics and good elongation in all directions, so that they can be draped easily over complex curvatures. This helps to minimize any bridging situations which may otherwise tend to occur and allow the vacuum to flow from the bag connector to the end of the tool or to bleed of resin from the laminate.

Peel Ply :-

Peel ply fabric is available with us all different widths. Peel ply fabric is used mainly for composite fabrication and repair. This is end-uses material us to roughen the surface of resinous articles.

Sealant Tape :-

We are supplier of Sealant tape for room temp and high temp. It is made from butyl compound rubber based, two-sided, self-adhesive sealant tape with good elastic properties.

Spiral Tubes :-

We offer spiral tubes comes in manufacturing process  of advanced composites. They maintains vacuum  throughout the mould.

Mold Release :-

We offer  mold Releases help to preserve the integrity of your part and avoid damage to both the part and mold.  When creating parts from molds—or even molds themselves—applying a release agent is an important step in the process. Mold release agents serve two basic purposes:

Mold releases act as a parting agent between layers of resin and the mold surface, so that cured parts can be removed without damaging the part or the mold.

When applied properly, mold releases help create a durable, high-gloss surface finish for finished parts.

Wax :-

We offer wax that releases a variety of casting materials epoxies based and other from molds.  Wax release improves molding efficiency for a variety of casting applications and will actually lengthen the life of your production mold

PVA :-

We offer PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) which is often only used for the first few releases or when release problems are more likely. PVA is water soluble and often used in conjunction with wax. PVA mould release agent can be applied by hand or sprayed on to a wide range of tooling surfaces to provide a reliable release barrier for polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy composites.


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