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CFW Enterprises is a provider of high performance intermediate materials to the composite industry, working closely with our customers to create innovative products and solutions to meet their requirements. Our product range covers advanced composite materials for most manufacturing processes including reinforcements, prepregs, resins and other supporting products. CFW Enterprises products include a complete range of reinforcement fabrics in carbon fiber, aramid and glass with woven, unidirectional and hybrid constructions. These dry fabrics are used in the hand layup, infusion, RTM and VRTM processes. We also manufacture some unique reinforcement products such as CFW Enterprises and can even manufacture customized fabrics based on the customer`s requirements. CFW Enterprises, our pre-impregnated (prepreg) materials combine our reinforcements with thermoset resins including epoxy, cynate ester and BMI systems using sophisticated and automated hot-melt technology. These products are formulated and customized in house based on process and performance requirements and can be used with or without the autoclave process. Our high performance composite materials are used in different applications includingaerospace, automotive, civil engineering, sporting goods and medical equipment. CFW Enterprises proudly manufactures all its products in India while utilizing the best of technology from around the world. We are committed to partnering with our customers from the product development stage through all the way to manufacturing with our products, knowledge and technical support. We believe in building long lasting relationships which will culminate over time to yield ground breaking products in the composite industry. CFW Enterprises has a dedicated Research & Development centre is located in Delhi, within close proximity of its Head Office. In order to achieve the best outcome and most successful upshots in the high-performance composite intermediates, we believe that close alliance with customers is imperative and continuously address their specific developmental needs. The center houses a pilot scale facility to simulate production conditions, a chemical analyses laboratory, a physical testing laboratory, an instrumentation laboratory and a library. With all this equipment and an experienced team to handle its operations, the center is solely devoted to development of new intermediate materials, improving existing products and conducting pre-market testing for new products and ongoing testing for regular production materials. Along with research and development, we acknowledge the importance of product development support. CFW Enterprises plans to set up a product development center with different types of composite manufacturing equipment for our customers to use.

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